Why Choosing Wonder Kidz


  1. At Wonder Kidz each educator looks after a maximum of four children only. The low adult to child ratio allows your child to build a close relationship with the Educator.        

  2. Your child will learn and grow in a safe and secure home environment where he/she is familiar with.

  3. Your child's individual needs such as his/her daily routines can be followed in a small group size. The educator's working hours are flexible which enables you to choose the time and hours to suit your needs.      

  4. Your child can enjoy every day childhood experiences like going out for spontaneous walks and outings with the Educator. This helps your child to build the sense of belonging in a wilder community. 

  5. You child is able to use his/her first language to communicate with the Educator.

  6. You child can still attend kindy or daycare as long as the hours he/she enrols with Wonder Kidz are different. 

  7. Your child will receive a non-income tested childcare subsidy, which means you will pay less to your educator. 

  8. Wonder Kidz provides a wide range of toys, books and equipment for your child to use.