Our Philosophy

At Wonder Kidz we believe every single child is unique. We endeavour to provide a child-centered environment where children learn through play within a enjoyable and relax environment.

Our Educators encourage and promote children’s learning and development through forming a safe and settled environment for independent exploration within the home setting. Children are encouraged to choose their preference and make their own choice according to their interests.

We strive to work in partnership with children’s families to ensure parents’ aspirations are met and children’s growth and development are promoted. We encourage positive, trusting and open communication with children, Educators and families/whanau.

We value and respect all different cultures and beliefs. We are committed to form a multicultural, inclusive and respectful learning environment where children are given the equal opportunities in their learning. Educators and children with multicultural backgrounds are encouraged to use their own languages.

Children’s social competence is a key focus within the curriculum. We encourage and promote children’s independence and self-help skills, and believe children will develop these skills in their own pace.