For Parents:

My mum is looking after my child while I am working. Can she be an educator with Wonder Kidz? Is my child qualify for the childcare funding subsidy?

Yes, if your mum lives in a different address, she can be an Educator with us, and the childcare subsidy will be available to your child. 

What if my mum is living with me? 

She will need to work for us as an educator and your home must be available for use by children who are not part of your family and at least one child who is not a member of your family needs to attend your home for care and education. If these conditions are met then we will be able to claim funding for your child. 

How long does it take for my child to enrol if my child has already have a caregiver?

If you already have someone looking after your child and if he/she is happy to join us as an Educator, normally we will introduce you about what we provide to your child, what our philosophy is, and how we would run our curriculum programme. If you and your child's caregiver are happy with everything that we provide, we will let your child's caregiver to go through an safety check process. During the safety check we will submit a police vet request and this will normally takes about 4 weeks. Once the safety check is completed and if we are satisfy with everything, we will inform your child's caregiver and invite him/her to be a part of our service. Your child then will be able to enrol with us. 

For Educators:

My backyard is fenced but my front yard isn’t. Will I still meet the requirements?
Yes, as long as you have a fenced area large enough for children to run and play.

If I have any concerns about the children in my care what do I do?
Your Co-ordinator is your support person who will help with all aspects of your care.

What written work would I be required to do?
We have a  daily Communication Diary for you to record sleeps, nappy changes and to inform the parents what the child in your care has been up to. Your Coordinator will be responsible for the Child's learning documentations which will be linked to the learning and development. 
Do I have to do my training before I start as an educator?
No, we will enrol you in the course after you become an